A Decent Land - lore for our first land drop

The decent.land world will be ownable and inhabitable by DAOs, and for that we needed an entire planet building from scratch. In our last update, we shared news that we had appointed Lee Tyrrell as our Art Director, who has since released more lore contributing towards the formation of decent.land’s first continent.

  1. A Decent Land chapter two published here
  2. The 1st lore chapter released in audio form, and hosted permanently on Permacast here

Product development

  1. ANS <> Permacast integration is live, previewable on our dev site, permacast.dev
  2. The weave-aggregator supports now the Lens Protocol and aggregates the protocol’s social feeds broadcasted from lenster.xyz. This was released as part of weave-aggregator@0.2.2
  3. ANS server code refactoring - testnet@0.0.3. Code here
  4. Released a new Atomic NFT (aNFT) smart contract source code that’s compatible with the upcoming Verto trading specs in addition to the allowance and transferFrom features. repository

Ongoing development

  1. ar.page profile edit feature to be integrated in the UI
  2. launching a new ar.page design with stats tracking and a domain search feature

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