This week a big announcement comes to brighten up your weekend - the Permaweb Explorer is out! Explore will make it easy to see what’s happening on the Arweave permaweb, and who has done what.

What’s newly uploaded publicly to ArDrive? What’s the new activity on Permacast? Which webpages are people archiving on Arweave? It’s all there! It also plays into a larger vision, where these items of activity can be logged on user profiles, linked with ANS, to see, share, or like any activity on any supported Arweave app.

You can check it out here, and look out for the currently grayed out search function to be integrated soon! An interview with the founder Darwin and Art Director Lee discussed their vision and methods for building a virtual planet. Read it here to understand the process behind creating the NFT lands.

The team is growing with a marketing and a community manager joining us this month. Expect more community engagement and reach out to @minxzs or our Telegram channel for more.

Product development

  • This week we finalized the UI of the Permaweb Explorer powered by the weave-aggregator
  • ANS has been integrated with Permacast which will be packaged as a module that can easily plug into any permaweb app.

    Ongoing development

  • Finalizing internal testing of the ANS profile edit feature, which will allow users to add custom bios, avatars and links.
  • A new better integration of ANS profiles (showing more metadata), working with Permacast on this issue.

    Previous updates

  • What we achieved last week
  • Second update on the product
  • Our first weekly report

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