After last week’s brightest highlight – Permaweb Explorer we have some smaller but not less impactful updates this week. And there has been a lot! Read ahead to find out what’s new.

Core protocol development

The weave-aggregator API upon which relies, has seen two updates this week.

  1. Integrated ArtByCity protocol.

  2. Upgraded to Lens protocol latest network release.

  3. Aggregating additional Koii aNFT source codes.

Check the weave-aggregator repo here

Arweave Name Service,’s username layer, has also shipped improvements.

  1. Integrated ANS in’s cache-node backend

  2. Wen profile edit? ANS profile editing will be released next week. Check out what it could look like here.

  3. Enhanced performance for ans-stats API in version release ans-stats@v0.0.2

Ongoing developments

  1. internal cache api for - allows aggregating different sorts of data feeds

  2. integrate MirrorXYZ, Lens protocol, and ArtByCity in the Permaweb Explorer UI

  3. Integrate ANS stats on

Lore ahead of the LAND NFT drop

The creative director, Lee Tyrrell, has been at work expanding our planetary lore.

The third chapter of lore details the first continent’s jungles - soon to be released on Medium and Permacast.

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