This week has been especially busy for New content has come out on our blog for DAO enthusiasts as well as a new chapter of A Decent Land, taking you deeper into the world that we’re creating.

This among news on various product developments including the weave-aggregator, Arweave Name Service, Permaweb Explorer and ongoing feature developments.

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DecentLand Academy

Pierre wrote an article on how to conduct a business as a DAO in the real world looking at different entity types a DAO could be set as.

Read his previous article on the history of DAOs and expect more content to come soon!

Product development

This week’s update marks three major product parts with significant performance improvements and feature expansions.

1. The weave-aggregator

  • Released weave-aggregator v0.3.1 that improves feed aggregation speed and accuracy. In addition to bypassing the gateway’s data indexing limitations.

  • Replaced the old ArweaveSaves protocol with ArConnect’s implementation.

  • Updated the GQL query templates to match the latest data coming from Koii and Pianity.

  • Added protocols API IDs in the docs.

2. Arweave Name Service - ANS

3. Permaweb Explorer

  • Integrated weave-aggregator@0.3.1 which fixes the loading-time and inaccurate data feeds issues.

Ongoing Developments

  • ANS 2.0 frontend implementation

  • Permaweb Explorer 2.0 with more data aggregation of various web3 protocols

  • ans-for-all: A drop-in module to utilize the ANS protocol in React apps

  • Integrating ANS latest minted labels feed in the Weave Explorer

Lore of jungles

Join the discovery expedition of the first continent’s jungles with creative director, Lee Tyrell.

We’re happy to announce the third part of story:

Missed the previous parts? Look here:

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