The Ark protocol is preparing for take-off, this week adding support for token-gated Telegram groups and testing on the Ethereum Goerli testnet. To complement the release, we are dropping 40 ark NFTs. Read in full about this week’s progress below.

Ark supports token-gated Telegram groups

Ark Network, the multichain identity protocol on Arweave, has been expanded to handle token-gated Telegram groups. Alpha testers will be able to link their Arweave addresses to Ark and authenticate with PST-gated groups.

Collection of 40 Ark NFTs for early adopters dropping soon

In lore, the planet was discovered by a generational fleet of intergalactic travelers transported by arks - a diverse array of spaceships, mutated by centuries of repair and modification. This week, we teased the first example of an ark which will act as an early adopter pass to the protocols and future NFTs.

Shipped this week

Ongoing developments

  • This week we’re putting finishing touches to the Ark protocol UI, which will allow users to associate their Arweave and Ethereum addresses to form a complete picture of their web3 identity and power EVM-chain token gating
  • Preparing Ark and Ark-powered Telegram groups for final launch
  • Land NFTs, Ark NFTs and lore galore

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