A Decent Land is starting to take shape and form in writing and visuals as Art Director Lee Tyrell’s work is being created into visual art pieces. In the meanwhile the product itself thrives and new developments are here. From improvements on old features to integrations - this week has been busy for our team! This and much more in our weekly!

Anthology of arks

Last week we teased the first example of an ark which will act as an early adopter pass to the decent.land protocols and future NFTs. This week let us introduce the first look of five new arks. Decent.land Art Director, Lee Tyrell, has published Anthology of arks - brief biographies of the first forty ships to arrive in the system Mammaria. Excited to read more?

Have you ever wondered how Yowunas Maias looks? Here is the first visual impressions

Shipped this week

Ongoing development

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