Last week we launched the public alpha of Ark Protocol for testing - a multichain identity protocol for web3 communities. Ark is a way to link your Arweave identity with an address on another chain, unlocking use cases for social, governance & token-gated groups. Ark Protocol was listed on dappradar in the first week and was #25 in social dapps on launch day.

On top of this, ANS was integrated with ViewBlock, Arweave’s main block explorer, tagging wallets with usernames and making .ar domains searchable.

We’re also excited to announce the Discord - - get involved and participate in the odd ANS giveaway too.

Shipped this week

Ark Protocol Telegram Bot updates

Anthology of Arks

A month ago the Art Director Lee Tyrrell started telling another side of the story with Anthology of Arks - the stories behind the first fleet of arks to arrive in the Mammaria system. New lore introduces the entertainment district, space-faring spiders, political infrastructure, the fleet’s terraforming activities… and Alternative Propulsions - possibly the strangest ship yet.

Read all lore so far here

Ongoing development

  • Working on the contract and minting site for the Ark NFT collection
  • Adding more L1s to Ark Protocol
  • Implementing the new design
  • Building the UI for managing gated telegram groups
  • Integration of Metaweave Permatweets in the Permaweb Explorer
  • UI preparation for Telegram gated groups on Ark

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