After the launch of Ark Protocol, we’ve been focused on integrations we can build with other chains and projects to link Arweave with wide multichain world. Metadata from Ark is richer than ever, now detailing a linked user’s ENS, bio text, Ethereum transactions and EVM NFT holdings.

Shipped this week

Arks coming on August 9th

Anthology of Arks, the stories behind the first fleet of arks to arrive in the Mammaria system by Art Director Lee Tyrrell, was expanded this week with lore for 5 arks including Aquatic Analysis and Dust Scooper.

The first 9 editions from the Ark NFT collection will go to auction August 9th via everFinance, where you’ll get a chance to own one yourself and join the early adopters whitelist.

Ongoing development

  • Contract and minting site for the Ark NFT collection
  • Adding more L1s to Ark Protocol - planned: Solana and Near Mainnet.
  • Implementing the new design
  • Building the UI for managing gated Telegram groups
  • Integration of Metaweave Permatweets in the Permaweb Explorer

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